Bike Riding Pants On Sale
The trench bike bike pants padded was invented in the early nineteenth century and two British companies, Burberry and Aquascutum claim to have invented it. The original trench bike pants were worn by British army officers during the First World War and it was the German army that raised its popularity during the Second World War. The bike to work pants were worn by army officers, which lent them a business like respectability. After the Second World War the trench bike pants became fashionable and a number of cartoon and movie characters wore the trench bike pants. Dick Tracy and Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther series kept the trench bike pants in the public eye. The bike pants are made from wool gabardine, cotton and leather. It's a waterproof rain bike pants with a removable inner lining and is knee length.

Leather Bike Pants On Low Price
The leather padded bike pants is perhaps the most admired and sought after trench bike pants by both men and women. The black leather trench bike pants is an all time favorite among men's leather trench bike pants. There are a variety of designs available in men's leather trench bike pants, which range from single breast to double breast, with removable inner lining, inside and outside pockets and a removable belt. Men's leather trench bike pants can be found in a variety of colors ranging from white, off-white, shades of brown to the all time favorite black. As fashions change so has the design of the leather trench bike pants gone through changes. Different bike rain pants makers offer different designs. But the basic length and style has been retained in most of the leather trench bike pantss available today.

Womens Bike Pants On Grand Sale
Leather trench bike pants are not limited to being men's wear item only as women's leather dirt bike pants are equally popular. In fact some couples buy identical men and women's leather trench bike pants. A number of women actresses have popularized the women's leather trench bike pants, which has made them a fashion wear item. There are far more designs and color choices available in women's leather trench bike pants. The colors can range from white to red, green, blue, shades of grey and brown and of course the favorite black. It's quite easy for a woman to find a women's leather mens bike pants in the design and color of her choice.

Bargain Bike Pants
Different bike pants women makers use different leather in their products. The most popular trench bike pants leathers used are; calfskin, lambskin, deerskin and suede. Leather trench bike pants makers have to ensure that their bike pantss are supple, lightweight and don't get stained easily. A good quality leather mountain bike pants can be worn for a lifetime, if it's looked after carefully. Leather trench bike pants can take a lot of rough usage and should yet retain their shape and color. Leather trench bike pants are very popular and can easily be bought from a number of retailers and also from online stores. The price of a leather waterproof bike pants can vary from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. It all depends on from whom you purchase it.

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